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Winners at festival of Mesopotamia

30 June
12:49 2014

DİYARBAKIR (DİHA) - The first Mesopotamia Sports Festival, organised by the sports section of the social services department of Diyarbakır Municipality, ended yesterday in Amed (Diyarbakır).

1,300 athletes competed at the festival, which was attended by thousands of people. The final day of the festival started with the football final match played between the Ranya and Batman men's football teams. There were no goals scored during the 90 minutes, and after extra time there was a penalty shoot-out, won by Batman. Instead of medals all the teams that participated in the festival were given plaques. All 1,300 athletes who took part in the Mesopotamia Sports Festival were given certificates of participation, pencils and key rings decorated with the logo of the Mesopotamia Sports Festival. After the ceremony, one minute’s silence was observed for those who have fallen in the struggle.

'Amed is yearning for its leadership'

Meanwhile, the athletes made victory signs and sang the “Çerxa şoreşe” march and shouted slogans in favour of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan. Also, a huge poster of Abdullah Öcalan reading “Amed is yearning for its leadership” was opened in the stadium. After the ceremony, the hip-hop artist Rezan Jamal performed a concert and entertained the thousands of people. The announcement of the release of Hatip Dicle after 5 years prison was warmly welcomed. The night continued with performances by Haluk Tolga İlhan and Gülseven Mader from the Group Abdal. After the concert of Mader, plaques were given to the representatives of each team at the festival. Also, the president of the social services department of the Amed Municipality Semra Kıratlı, who also organised the festival, were bestowed with appreciation plaques.

Making a short speech at the plaque ceremony, the president of the Ranya Municipality in South Kurdistan, Serdar Ahmet, appreciated the people who organised the festival and stated that the festival is highly important because of this organisation reunited the four parts of Kurdistan into one part. The night ended with the performance of Ahmet Aslan and Seyda Perinçek. At the end of the concert, posters of Abdullah Öcalan and the KCK flag were raised.

The winners at the festival

While in women’s football, the Afrin team from Rojava were champions and Batman second. In men’s football, Batman Ranya on penalties, while Afrin was third.

In women’s athleticism, Amed finished first, ahead of Batman and Zakho.

In women’s basketball, Amed, Afrin and Van were the favourites, with Amed becoming the champions. became

In women’s volleyball, Van was first, Şırnak second and Amed third team, while in men's volleyball, Amed was first, Batman second and Van.

In handball, Batman obtained the championship while Van and Amed came second and third.