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Mesopotamia Sport Festival continues

25 June
16:39 2014

DİYARBAKIR (DİHA) - The Mesopotamia Sport Festival, which has started on 23 June in Amed (Diyarbakır), is continuing with races in different branches.

1300 athletes coming from all parts of Kurdistan, including the Afrin, Cezire and Kobane Cantons of Rojava, has turned the city into a festival area. The festival was organised by the Amed Metropolitan Municipality. 1300 athletes, including 280 women, are competing in 9 different branches.

Sports in all the fields

Mesopotamia Sport Festival is continuing with the competitions held in many different places in the city centre of Amed. İn Silbe sport complex, football matches and athletism competitions, in Amed Sport complex in Kayapınar Municipality, handball, volleyball, tennis and football matches, in Yenişehir Fidanlık Sport Complex football matches, and in Bağlar Municipality sport Complex basketball matches are being held.

Athletes are competing with each other gentlemanly

All the competitions are being held gently, and the trainers are warning the athletes for respect to each other. The teams’ having pictures together before the matches contributes to the colourful look of the festival. Handicapped athletes were not forgotten. People with disabilities who comprised %13 of the total population are also not forgotten in the Mesopotamia Sport Festival. Wheelchair basketball matches and blind judo races see tremendous competition.

Winners of the day…

Today’s winners in the women’s football were the team of Amed which played against the team of Rojava Afrin, and the team of Van played against the team of Batman. In the men’s football Batman defeated its powerful European rivalry, while Ranya won against Mus, Urfa against Bitlis, Amed against Van, Rojava Afrin against Sırnak and Duhok against Hakkari. The match between Mardin and Kobane ended in a draw.

Wheelchair basketball match between the teams of Amed and Hakkari saw tremendous competition, Amed defeating Hakkari 30-28. In Basketball branch, Van defeated Batman, while in women’s basketball, Amed defeated Batman. In women’s volleyball, Van defeated Bitlis, and Şırnak defeated the home team Amed. In men’s volleyball, home team Amed succeeded to defeat Van, while Mardin won against Şırnak.

In handball, Batman team won against the home team Amed 25-24. Men’s 100m, 400m, 1500m and 400m relay race have been held at the athleticism complexes in Şilbe Sports Center.