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FIFA to investigate Kurdish player for quitting football club

3 June
15:55 2014

HEWLER (DİHA) - Iranian football club Zob Ahan has filed a complaint against Kurdish football player Hawar Mulla Mohammed.

The Iranian club reportedly filed the complaint after Mohammed quit the team "without informing the club", despite having a contract with them. According to the club’s official website they have asked FIFA to investigate the matter and fine Mohammed 5,000 Swiss Francs. “Mohammed has left our club without informing us and without giving a reason,” the club explained.

Indispensable player of Iraqi national team

Mohammed signed a three-year contract worth $65,000 and after receiving half the money he left the club and now plays for Hewler Football Club in the Federal Kurdistan Region. Mohammed is a Kurdish football player who played for the Iraqi national team for more than a decade.