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18:14 12/12/2015
Youths ready for 'revolution' and 'self-governance'
Students from the Harran University Students Association (HÖDER) declare that attendance to the DEM-GENÇ (Confederation of Democratic Youth) congress in Diyarbakir to be carried out tomorrow will be strong, saying that they are ready for revolution and self-governance.
13:44 20/7/2015
Socialist youths on their way to Kobanê
Members of the Socialist Youth Associations Federation (SGDF), which has been leading the “We defended Kobanê together, we will build it together!” campaign, are on their way to the war-torn town of West Kurdistan, Rojava, to help reconstruction. SGDF members will rebuild the museum built by Rıfat Horoz (Karker Kobanê) who fell as a martyr recently.
15:11 23/6/2015
Youth rise up against the isolation of Öcalan
Young people rose up against the isolation of PKK Abdullah Öcalan in many cities across North Kurdistan and Turkey.
16:35 29/5/2015
Youth unites under roof of DEM-GENÇ federation
The youth of Kurdistan and Turkey has declared the foundation of the Federation of Democratic Youth Unions' (DEM-GENÇ) at a press statement in the main Kurdissh city of Diyarbakır on Friday.
17:17 05/5/2015
40 youngs join YPG/YPJ
Fourty more youngs have joined the ranks of YPG and YPJ in Efrin.
15:03 14/4/2015
33 more youngs join in YPG ranks in Efrîn
33 young fighters have joined the ranks of YPG (People's Defense Units) after completing their military training.
10:22 04/4/2015
Kurdish youth initiates rush of 'Xwedi Derkeve'
The celebration of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan's birthday at the Parqa Azadiyê ya 4'ê Nîsanê (4 April Freedom Square) in Halfeti district of Urfa held amid a great excitement of hundred thousands of people at the evening hours of Friday.
16:38 28/3/2015
2nd conference of Ciwanên Azad begins in Cologne
The second conference of the Kurdish Youth Organisation in Europe, Ciwanen Azad, has started today in the German city of Cologne with a mass participation of youths from all over Europe.
09:37 27/3/2015
Ciwanên Azad to hold 2nd congress
Kurdish youth living in Europe are preparing to hold the second congress of Ciwanên Azad in Cologne on 28 March.
12:36 14/2/2015
2,390 youngs return to Kobanê
Following the liberation of Kobanê after an epic resistance of 134 days the population of the city is increasing as residents gradually return. Officials say 1,470 families and 2,390 young people have returned to the city.
14:39 30/1/2015
'I see freedom and liberation in PKK'
PKK’s defence of Kurdistan lands in Rojava and South Kurdistan against the attacks of ISIS gangs has resulted in a positive influence that made the youth of South Kurdistan turn their faces to the mountains. Sources say that participation of South Kurdistan youths of different ages, classes and professional occupations to the PKK ranks has increased recently.
16:15 28/1/2015
25 youngs in Hesekê join YPG
Martyr Xebat Academy completed another training session that 25 youth attended in Hesekê.
15:12 28/1/2015
International revolutionists: We defend revolution on each language
The following article by Arzu Demur appeared in ANF. The call by the Marxist Leninist Communist Party (MLKP) ‘to defend the Rojava revolution’ has reverberated in Europe as well as in Turkey. Internationalist revolutionaries have begun to travel to the land of the revolution. The goal is to establish an international brigade to defend the revolution in all languages and spread the language of revolution throughout the world.
12:00 28/1/2015
Upon call of YPG, youngs turn their face to Kobanê
While celebrations for the liberation of Kobanê after 134 days of battle go on in Kobanê, YPG Commander Mahmut Berxwedan has warned yesterday that the threat to the city has not been entirely removed as the operations against ISIS gangs continue in the villages around the city. The YPG Commander also called on the youth to return to their land and take their part in the operations to liberate the villages and in the re-building of the settlements.
10:02 25/1/2015
42 combatants graduate from qualification course
More than 40 combatants of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) and the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) were graduated from Şehîd Rojhat Qualification Course on January 22 at Şehîd Sadiq Academy for Military Training.
11:34 23/1/2015
21 more Kurd and Arab youngs join in YPG
21 Kurdish and Arab youth in Şêrawa town joined YPG forces with a ceremony orgnized in the town.
10:27 21/1/2015
Youngs in Dêrik registers for self-defense training
Dozens of youth from Dêrik city and Berav and Koçerat regions registered for the 4th self-defense training to be organized soon.
12:42 15/1/2015
Derwêşê Evdî Academy: Training center for YBŞ fighters
Derwêşê Evdî Academy in Sinjar has been providing military and ideological instruction to the Êzidî people fighting the ranks of the Sinjar Resistance Units (YBS, Yekîneyên Berxwedana Şengalê) for the future and freedom of their land.
12:41 14/1/2015
Arab fighter in Kobanê: YPG defends fraternity of peoples
YPG (People's Defense Units) Arab fighter Şevger Himo said that the ranks of the YPG were a place where young people from all over the world who wanted democracy could meet.
11:26 02/1/2015
American Parker joins YPG to fight Daesh
An American grandfather has joined the Kurds in the fight against ISIS in Syria after abandoning his idyllic life as a surf instructor in Costa Rica, to wield an AK-47 against the jihadists. In an interview with MailOnline, Dean Parker, who has no previous military experience, said he ‘heard God’s call’ to take up arms after watching a heartbreaking TV report about the plight of the Êzidi people trapped on Mount Sinjar (Shengal) by Islamic State gang fighters.