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14:14 06/7/2015
U.S. wins Women's World Cup
The U.S. women's soccer team has beaten rival Japan in a 5-2 match and won the 2015 Women's World Cup in Vancouver.
14:33 06/4/2015
Maradona to play match for Colombia-FARC peace
Argentina's legendary ex-footballer Diego Maradona will play in a "pro-peace match" in Bogota this month to support Colombia's ongoing peace process, officials said Sunday.
10:10 27/3/2015
Kurdish women footballers to be disciplined for victory sign
The Turkish Football Federation has referred Diyarbakır's Amedspor women's football team to the federation's disciplinary board because they made the "victory sign" associated with the Kurdish movement.
12:05 13/3/2015
Qamişlo opens stadium to remember victims of massacre
The city of Qamişlo has opened a stadium to commemorate Assad regime forces' slaying of 32 citizens at a football match in the city on the March 12, 2004, an event that has become a symbol of the regime's cruelty and violence against Kurds before the Rojava revolution.
10:32 23/1/2015
Amedspor conquers Galatasaray at Arena
Amedspor, the football team of the main Kurdish city of Diyarbakır, has defeated Galatasaray 2-0 at Turkish Telekom Arena Sport Complex within the new round of Ziraat Turkish Cup G Group's matches.
07:40 17/1/2015
TFF fines Amedspor for giving itself city’s Kurdish name!
The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) has levied a 10,000-Turkish Lira fine against third-tier Diyarbakır-based club Amedspor on the grounds that it changed its name and emblem.
09:54 08/1/2015
Boxing legend Muhammad Ali released from hospital
Boxing legend Muhammad Ali has been released from a hospital after being admitted last month with a severe urinary tract infection.
11:39 11/12/2014
More NBA stars protest over police violence: I can't breathe!
Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant and other players donned T-shirts with the words "I can't breath" -- Garner's last words in a widely watched video
11:03 02/12/2014
'Black Pearl' Pele in intensive care
Soccer legend Pele remained in an intensive care unit Monday, a week after he was hospitalized with a urinary tract infection. The 74-year-old has no fever and is receiving antibiotics intravenously, according to doctors at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
11:14 06/11/2014
Kurdish footballer attacked for condemning ISIS
Deniz Naki, a professional footballer, was physically attacked by three people and verbally abused for supporting a 'Dersim' tattoo on his arm and for publicly condemning ISIS an showing support for Kobanê.
11:37 29/10/2014
Kurdish professional football club changes name to Amedspor
The Kurdish football club Greater Diyarbakir Council Sports Club who play in the third tier of the professional football league of Turkey, has changed its name to Amedspor.
11:07 29/10/2014
World's strongest paralympian dedicated his gold medal to Kobanê
Kurdish athlete Siyabend Rahman was able to get gold medal in 2014’s Paralympic competition in Asia and dedicated this gold medal to Kobanê.
13:06 16/10/2014
Second-division soccer club invited to join 'Football is More'
Altınordu, a soccer team in Turkey’s second division, has been invited to join the network of “Football is More” - a foundation aims to support and encourage disadvantaged people worldwide by using the power of football.
12:05 26/7/2014
Support for writer Levi
TYS and PEN decried the targeting of Turkeyan writer Mario Levi’s inclusion in the “Israeli products to boycott” list on social media.
12:49 30/6/2014
Winners at festival of Mesopotamia
The first Mesopotamia Sports Festival, organised by the sports section of the social services department of Diyarbakır Municipality, ended yesterday in Amed (Diyarbakır).
16:39 25/6/2014
Mesopotamia Sport Festival continues
The Mesopotamia Sport Festival, which has started on 23 June in Amed (Diyarbakır), is continuing with races in different branches.
10:37 20/6/2014
Mesopotamia Sport Festival starting
A Mesopotamian Sports' Festival is to take place in Amed between 23 and 28 June. The Mîhrîcana Werzîşê Mezopotamyayê will bring together athletes from all four parts of Kurdistan.
15:55 03/6/2014
FIFA to investigate Kurdish player for quitting football club
Iranian football club Zob Ahan has filed a complaint against Kurdish football player Hawar Mulla Mohammed.
10:40 20/5/2014
Pele says protests may hurt World Cup
The Brazilian footballing great Pele says he fears the many protests in the country could hurt the World Cup.
10:08 16/5/2014
Brazilian hit by anti-World Cup protests
Riot police in Brazil have fired tear gas to disperse thousands of protesters in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro who marched against the cost of hosting the football World Cup.