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23:19 30/12/2015
Russia urges Turkey to solve Kurdish issue by politically, avoid force
Turkish authorities should solve its disagreements with the Kurds by political means and avoid the use of force, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.
22:25 22/12/2015
'Terror attack' foiled in French region
French police have foiled a terror attack on police and army personnel in the region of Orleans, the interior minister has said.
16:43 18/12/2015
Global refugees and displaced to hit record
The number of forcibly displaced people worldwide will "far surpass" a record 60 million this year, the UN says.
20:00 12/12/2015
Burundi violence leaves 87 dead
Eighty seven people including eight soldiers were killed on Friday in a day of clashes in the Burundian capital, an army spokesperson said on Saturday.
18:34 12/12/2015
Austria approves resolution of support for Kobanê and Shengal
All the parties in the Austrian Parliament have approved a resolution of support for the reconstruction of Rojava's Kobanê town and the Êzîdî town of Shengal in South Kurdistan.
16:20 20/11/2015
Mali attack: Special forces storm hotel to free hostages
Malian special forces have entered the Radisson Blu Hotel in Mali's capital, Bamako, to end a siege by gunmen. The hotel says 138 people remain inside. The gunmen stormed the US-owned hotel, which is popular with foreign businesses and airline crews, shooting and shouting "God is great!" in Arabic.
16:21 21/8/2015
Basque Internationalist in solidarity with Kurdish people
Komite Internazionalistak [Internationalist Committee], an internationalist organisation based in the Basque Country, has released a message of solidarity with the Kurdish people.
22:01 10/8/2015
Council of Europe: Peace process has to be resumed
Council of Europe has called for a de-escalation of violence in Turkey, amid rising operations of AKP government and Turkish military across the country.
15:26 26/7/2015
Colombia suspends bombing raids on FARC
Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on July 25 ordered a halt to air strikes against FARC guerrillas, giving a major boost to stop-start peace talks.
08:22 08/7/2015
Internationalist Brigade members detained in Spain
Two members of the Internationalist Brigade who turned back to Spain after going to Rojava for international solidarity and defense of humanity against ISIS gangs, were detained yesterday.
10:20 06/7/2015
Greece says 'OXI' to austerity with overwhelming referendum
Greece lurched into uncharted territory and an uncertain future in Europe’s common currency Sunday after voters overwhelmingly rejected demands by international creditors for more austerity measures in exchange for a bailout of its bankrupt economy.
11:30 03/7/2015
Boko Haram massacres 150
Nearly 150 people are reported to have been killed by suspected Boko Haram Islamist militants in attacks in Nigeria's north-eastern Borno state.
18:02 02/7/2015
Egypt's Brotherhood calls for uprising after killings
The Muslim Brotherhood has warned of "serious repercussions" and has called on its supporters to "rise in revolt" after Egyptian police killed 13 of its members.
10:57 02/7/2015
Yemen rebels kill 31: UN declares highest-level emergency
Rebel fire on a residential district of Yemen's second city Aden killed more than 30 civilians on July 1, as the UN declared its highest level humanitarian emergency in the war-torn country.
10:55 02/7/2015
John Kirby: No need for a 'safe zone'
Though Turkey is pushing for the creation of a safe zone, potentially supported by a no-fly zone, inside Syria, the US has once again made clear that there is no need for the safe zone from either a US military or a coalition perspective.
10:14 01/7/2015
Indonesia military plane crash: Death toll rises to 142
The death toll from the crash of an Indonesian air force plane packed with military personnel and their families rose to 142 on July 1, as witnesses described people fleeing the disaster zone covered in blood with their clothes alight.
11:44 30/6/2015
Indonesia transport plane crash kills at least 5
At least five people have been killed in a military transport plane crash in a residential area of the Indonesian city of Medan, officials say.
18:19 26/6/2015
One dead, several hurt in suspected terror attack on French factory
According to a report by French news agency AFP, an attacker carrying Islamist flag targeted a gas factory in France this morning.
10:56 25/6/2015
Dempsey: Excluding Baghdad, US can work with other partners
The Pentagon has a contingency plan to work with ground partners should united Iraqi forces fail against the Islamic State, US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Martin E. Dempsey said Wednesday.
11:05 24/6/2015
Pakistan heatwave death toll soars past 750
The death toll from a severe heatwave in southern Pakistan has risen to more than 750, with the threat of more deaths to come as temperatures remain unseasonably high for the fourth consecutive day.