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09:44 16/4/2015
Activist disrupts ECB conference shouting 'end dictatorship'
A woman protesting against European Central Bank policy leapt onto a desk in front of ECB President Mario Draghi on April 15as he spoke at a news conference, disrupting the normally technical presentation before she was carried away.
14:07 15/4/2015
Unemployment rose to 11.3 percent
TÜİK’s data shows that the number of unemployed persons has risen by 454 thousand between January 2014 and 2015. Youth unemployment rate was announced as 20 percent.
11:01 07/3/2015
Unemployment rate hit 9.9 percent in 2014
The unemployment rate was 9.9 percent in 2014, rising from 9.7 percent in the previous year, the Turkish Statistics Institute (TÜİK) announced on March 6.
15:05 16/1/2015
Academy of Social Economy initiates 4th training session
Academy of Social Economy organizes the fourth training session in Dêrik.
17:00 05/1/2015
Euro slides to a nine-year low
The euro slid to a nine-year low against the dollar as investors predicted the European Central Bank (ECB) may act to stimulate the economy.
11:08 28/12/2014
A New Lausanne: Energy politics and Shengal
The following article ‘Enerji ve Şengal‘ was written by M. Ali Çelebi and appeared in Özgür Gündem. It has been translated into English below.
11:19 22/12/2014
Efrîn Economy Minister Yousef: Rojava challenging norms of class, gender and power
The following interview was conducted with Dr. Amaad Yousef, the Minister of Economy for the Efrîn Canton in Rojava by Sedat Yılmaz and appeared in Özgür Gündem. Yılmaz spoke with Dr. Yousef as he took part in a conference organized by the Democratic Society Congress (DTK) in the city of Van last month. The subject of the conference was the ‘Democratic Economy.’ The interview has been translated into English below.
11:36 03/12/2014
Baghdad-Hewlêr agree over oil and budget
The Central Iraqi Government and South Kurdistan Government have reached a final agreement over the share of oil and budget Tuesday, according to Kurdish officials.
12:12 23/11/2014
Iran opens largest gold mine of Middleast in Rojhîlat amid deprivation of Kurds
On 15th November 2014, Iranian government claimed it has inaugurates the Middle East’s largest gold mine located at 35Km east of Tikab city (Urmiye province).
12:48 25/10/2014
Clocks to be turned back by one hour on Sunday
Daylight-saving time in Turkey will end on Sunday and clocks across the country will be turned back one hour at 4:00 a.m. on October 26.
11:28 29/9/2014
Barzani to participate in World Economic Forum
Kurdistan Prime Minister Nechirvan Bazrani to visit Turkey for two days to participate in the World Economic Forum.
14:06 12/9/2014
Unemployment increases in Kurdistan
The unemployment rate in Kurdistan has risen from 7% to 10% while investment has declined from 16 billion to 3 billion dollars.
14:31 02/9/2014
KRG rises oil price
Kurds in South Kurdistan last week took the streets to protest increasing prices of oil in Hewlêr, Ranya, Helepçe, Seyîd Sadiq and many other regions.
11:47 26/8/2014
Kurds win court order on oil tanker off Texas
The Kurdish government is now able to sell $100 million of crude oil after a US judge threw out on Monday a lawsuit filed by the Iraqi government against the sale, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.
16:30 13/7/2014
Hewler oil delegation to visit Ankara
A delegation of ministers from the Federal Kurdistan region is to visit Ankara in order to collect the oil revenues accumulated in the Turkish Central Bank.
08:15 08/7/2014
Co-mayors of Batman ask for share of oil revenue
The co-mayors of Batman are demanding a share of the revenue from oil extracted in the province.
16:04 06/7/2014
Kurdistan Parliament to discuss fuel crisis tomorrow
According to the received news from local sources, the Federal Kurdistan Region Parliament is going to discuss the fuel crisis next Monday.
14:54 24/6/2014
Central Bank shaves benchmark interest rate
Central Bank has cut its benchmark rate to 8.75 from 9.5 percent amid mounting pressure form the prime minister for lower interest rates that would support growth.
07:47 23/5/2014
Kurdistan oil shipment to the world begins
Federal Kurdistan Region started exporting crude oil via the Turkey's port of Ceyhan, Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said in a press statement.
16:24 07/5/2014
Three Borsa Istanbul managers leave their posts
Two deputy chairmen and a unit head in Turkey’s main stock exchange Borsa Istanbul (BIST) have left their offices amid a major reshuffle that is shaking the ranks of nearly every state-linked institution.