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20:55 20/4/2016
Factory waste cause fish deaths
Because of the factory waste thrown into Seyhan River, dead fish are washed up on Tarsus shore.
16:11 21/8/2015
Growing forest fires in Şemdinli ongoing destroying nature
Fires started as a result of the bombings by Turkish soldiers in Şemdinli district of Hakkari continue.
13:53 17/5/2015
Avaspi Nature Festival started
The 4th Avaspi Nature Festival, organized by Uludere Municipality, has started.
11:24 12/5/2015
Ecologists not to allow city to be pillaged
The Amed Ecology Assembly and the Mesopotamia Ecology Movement has issued a statement protesting the opening up of a wooded area in the city to development. Environmentalists said they would not allow the city to be pillaged in this way.
13:23 07/5/2015
Jurisdiction says 'stop' to pillage at Dicle Valley and Hevsel
The Diyarbakır First Administrative Court has stopped the implementation of the verdict removing 7,517-decare agricultural estate at Dicle Valley from agricultural quality
10:33 07/5/2015
Demolition at Camp Armen stopped
Yesterday, Turkish bulldozers attempted to raze Camp Armen in Istanbul, a camp attended by thousands of Armenian children, including slain Armenian journalist Hrant Dink and his wife Rakel.
17:23 25/4/2015
'No to nuclear' rally in Sinop
Thousands of people said "Long live life just to spite nuclear" at anti-nuclear rally in northern province of Sinop in the Black Sea region.
16:59 14/4/2015
Groundbreaking ceremony held amid protests in Akkuyu
Attendants to the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant project groundbreaking ceremony locked iron gate; police attacked demonstrators with water cannons.
16:00 14/4/2015
Environmentalists lock participants of ceremony in Akkuyu
A group of protesters have locked the attendees of the ground breaking ceremony for Turkey’s first nuclear power plant to protest the construction of the plant in Mersin.
13:16 12/4/2015
Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant construction to start on 14 April
The construction of the infrastructure of the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant is to be started on 14 April with a ceremony attended by the Energy Minister Taner Yıldız, despite protests and court complaints.
15:31 11/4/2015
Youngs going into action for Hasankeyf
Youngs are mobilising to oppose the construction of the Iliisu Dam, which will submerge the ancient town of Hasankeyf and displace 80 thousand people from their homes.
16:36 01/4/2015
Turkey vows plans for its second nuclear power plant
Turkey’s Parliament ratified an international treaty to establish a nuclear power plant in the northern province of Sinop, bianet reported.
08:05 30/3/2015
Map of dams and hydroelectric projects published
The Munzur Association to Protect Natural Life has published a map of dams and hydroelectric projects (HES) to demonstrate the extent of the ecological and cultural destruction carried out by the AKP government.
12:26 28/3/2015
March to be held against HES in Dargeçit
A march against hydroelectric power plants (HES) and dams will be staged in Dargeçit district of Mardin tomorrow.
13:25 10/3/2015
Ecologists: It's gladsome that matter of ecology handled in Imrali
The 10-articles draft, presented by PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan via a joint declaration by the Imrali Delegation and the AKP government, covers many issues from the matter of ecology to the matter of women for the democratization of the country.
21:31 09/3/2015
Destruction of nature protested with march
Members of the Party of Democratic Regions (DBP) Batman Youth Assembly has organised a protest march against the construction plans of hydroelectric power plants and dams in Hasankeyf.
17:05 28/2/2015
Ecologists to form an assembly
The Mesopotamia Ecological Association, which defends nature in the Mesopotamia region, announced its intention to form an Amed Regional Parliament to defend its goals.
19:40 25/2/2015
Natural wonder salt cave waiting to be opened for tourism
According to recent epidemology researchs, 10 percent of worldwide population is catching respiratory tract illness.
13:19 23/2/2015
Nature and culture of Dersim in danger
The Dersim area, which has been declared a national park because of its natural beauty and endemic species, is now being destroyed through the construction of military posts and security dams.
11:50 13/2/2015
They are producing their own electricity with system they created
Recai İnan together with his older brother created electric power station from the old gristmill close to their house in Geliye Axkis, a village of the city of Bitlis.