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09:57 22/6/2015
ISIS 'plants mines' in ancient city of Palmyra
Activists say fighters from the ISIS gangs have planted landmines and explosives in ancient Syrian city of Palmyra that they captured last month.
17:42 30/5/2015
Sociologist Beşikçi meets his readers
Sociologist İsmail Beşikçi has met his readers at Mardin 1st Book Fair.
14:39 20/5/2015
Literary festival dedicated to Yasar Kemal
Yasar Kemal, the celebrated Kurdish writer who passed away in February, is being honored at Ankara’s annual short story festival.
09:29 18/5/2015
Bağrıyanık: Talks with Öcalan must begin right away
The 4th Avaspi Nature Festival, organized by Uludere Municipality, was held yesterday with thr participation of tens of thousands of people.
10:32 17/5/2015
Fair in Amed draws avid child readers
As the first ever Amed Book Fair draws to a close today in Diyarbakır after five days of talks, book signings and activities, readers of all ages are heading home with their finds. Two of the most determined book fans at the fair were two children who came hoping to get a book signed by their favorite author—unaware that he died more than twenty years ago.
17:43 15/5/2015
Today is Kurdish Language Day, but Kurdish still banned
Kurdish people have taken streets today in lots of centers within the pioneering of KURDÎ-DER (Kurdish Language Improvement and Research Union) in order to celebrate 15 May Kurdish Language Day. The crowds have celebrated their day with activities and marches inspite of ongoing ban on the language.
14:08 02/5/2015
Bibliophobic Diyarbakır prison wardens issue book ban
In Turkey, where rights abuses never seem to leave the agenda, a book ban at a prison is the latest example of arbitrary procedures.
10:27 26/4/2015
To chase up a genocide: Cry of Silence
Antoine Agoudjian, a French artist of Armenian origin, has opened a photograph exhibition called “The cry of silence, traces of an Armenian memory” in a part of the old city walls in the main Kurdish city of Diyarbakır, called Keciburnu.
09:59 26/4/2015
Artist inspiriting Kobanê resistance through his paintings: Carlos Farinha
Worldwide known painter and artist Carlos Farinha has drawn three paintings on the Kurdish people, the last one is of voice artist (dengbêj) and YPJ (Women's Protection Units) fighter Viyan Peyman, lost her life in a clash in Kobanê recently.
13:50 20/4/2015
Women's film festival jury resigns in protest over 'Bakur' censorship
The jury for the Flying Broom Women's Film Festival has canceled a film competition in protest of the censorship of the film "Bakur," which follows everyday life among Kurdish guerrillas, at the Istanbul Film Festival.
11:01 17/4/2015
Applications for 9th London Kurdish Film Festival started
Applications have begun to be accepted for the biggest Kurdish Film Festival in the world, the London Kurdish Film Festival.
13:08 16/4/2015
Applications start for 9th London Kurdish Film Festival
Applications have begun to be accepted for the biggest Kurdish Film Festival in the world, the London Kurdish Film Festival.
08:53 14/4/2015
Bakur censorship and cancellation of Istanbul Film Festival
The 34th Istanbul Film Festival committee announced April 13 that the screening of a majority of films in the National Competition, National Documentary Competition, International Competition, Cinema in Human Rights Competition, Out of Competition, and New Turkish Cinema sections were canceled. The festival committeee also announced that the National and International Golden Tulip Competitions, National Documentary Competition and the Closing Ceremony were cancelled.
09:55 08/4/2015
Kurdistan University to offer Kurdish course
The University of Kurdistan, in Iranian northwestern province of Kurdistan, would register students next year for Kurdish language and literature, the university’s dean said.
16:18 28/3/2015
First theater festival in Rojava
The city of Qamişlo is hosting Rojava's first theater festival this week.
16:04 17/3/2015
Zarok TV to broadcast to children in 3 Kurdish dialects
The first Kurdish-language children's channel, will hit the airwaves on Newroz, March 21st. The channel will be the first children's channel ever to broadcast in the threatened Kurdish dialect of Kirmanjki (also known as Zazaki).
14:17 13/3/2015
March 12 exhibition in Amûdê
Seventeen painters in Amûdê city of Rojava opened an exhibition in memory of March 12 Marytrs. The exhibition opened at Hurî Art and Culture Center of Amûdê.
10:44 06/3/2015
ISIS gangs bulldoze ancient Assyrian palace Nimrud
Reported demolition at Nimrud comes less than a week after video was released showing destruction at Mosul museum.
11:13 23/2/2015
'Birdman' flies over Oscars
British actor Eddie Redmayne has won the best actor Oscar for The Theory of Everything, while Julianne Moore picked up best actress for Still Alice.
13:39 20/2/2015
Education in mother tongue for Kobanê children in Erciş
KURDİ-DER provides education and psychological support for children from Kobanê who came to Erciş following the attacks of the ISIS gangs.